Teaching acting classes is one of Gary’s primary passions in Life. He focuses on creating a workshop
or classroom environment that allows the students to take risks and exercise their imaginations. After
moving to Los Angeles, Gary studied acting with Paul Sills from 1978 to 1985, Gary was a company
member of the respected American Theater Arts in Hollywood where he continued training, performing
and eventually began teaching. For the fifteen years after that, Gary taught classes at The Young
Actors Space. Gary Spatz's "The Playground " A Young Actors' Conservatory is an on-camera
conservatory where young actors can challenge themselves to truly stimulate their abilities. Gary and
his staff of professional actors/teachers wish to nurture each student's creativity and help him or her
find a way of working on-camera. They are dedicated to helping change young actors develop a
personal technique for television and film. They will train the young performer in the craft of acting and
educate the parents about the business.
Former Students:
• Christina Aguilera
• Chad Allen
• Ashley Argota
• Penn Badgley
• Elizabeth Berkley
• Jessica Biel
• Michael Bower
• Jenna Boyd
• Thomas Wilson Brown
• Amanda Bynes
• Brandon Call
• Aaron Carter
• Sarah Chalke
• J.C. Chasez
• Nikki Deloach
• Stephen Dorff
• Hilary Duff
• Luke Edwards
• India Eisley
• Ethan Embry
• Lindsey Felton
• Michael Fishman
• Dale Godboldo
• Jadagrace Gordy
• Robert Gorman
• Ryan Gosling
• Brian Austin Green
• Maggie Gyllenhaal
• Armie Hammer
• Nate Hartley
• Rebecca Herbst
• Christine Lakin
• Maggie Lawson
• Maggie Linderman
• Jeremy Lelliott
• Tony Lucca
• Stephen Lungsford
• Allison Mack
• Kellie Martin
• Christopher Masterson
• Danny Masterson
• Crystal McKellar
• Danica McKellar
• Maika Monroe
• Matt Morris
• Tahj Mowry
• Tamera Mowry
• Tia Mowry
• Ashleigh Norman
• Kay Panabaker
• Danielle Panabaker
• Nicholas Pappone
• Janel Parrish
• Sydney Tamiia Poitier
• Lindsey Price
• Cassidy Rae
• Ariana Richards
• Camilla Rosso
• Becky Rosso
• Keri Russell
• Taran Noah Smith
• Britney Spears
• Dylan Sprouse
• Cole Sprouse
• Sadie Stratton
• Paul Sutera
• Hilary Swank
• Jodie Sweetin
• Madylin Sweeten
• Sawyer Sweeten
• Sullivan Sweeten
• Justin Timberlake
• David Tom
• Heather Tom
• Nicholle Tom
• Alexa Vega
• Scott Whyte
• Elijah Wood
• Marc Worden
• Ahmet Zappa
Coaching on Sets
My job as a TV or film set coach is very specific. The idea is to coordinate supporting the actor in
achieving the best possible performance with helping the director and producers realize their vision. In
order to do this effectively, I must establish a relationship of complete trust. I also buffer between the
pressures of  a shoot and the young talent’s creative process. Acting is all about “play” and the best
“playing” happens when the actor is relaxed and able to let creativity flow. This specific type of coaching
happens between “setups” or each “take”. While everyone is busy doing their job – hair and makeup,
lighting, props, etc., I step in for a few brief moments to work with the actor on a point which must be
realized in the performance. All of this is done very quickly and without interfering with the other
craftspeople. In an environment where much is at stake to get it right in the allotted time, I walk a
particular tight rope in coaching young actors to give their best performance, which keeping their mind,
body, and spirit intact under pressure. Above all, I do everything I can do to ensure their experience is
rewarding and positive.
Private Coaching
30 to 60 minute sessions for all ages – effectively tackles the nuts & bolts of the craft and falls into two

1. An actor is up for a role on a sitcom, feature film, episodic or theater project or is going to meet with
the producer or director at a call back and contact me to work on a specific audition material. In the
case of young actor, I am usually contacted by a parent, talent agent, or personal manager. While my
private coaching certainly gives an actor the best possible chance of securing the role, in and industry
where being good isn’t enough, it also helps the actor leave behind a lasting impression with confidence
and a brilliant performance. This is important in the long term.
2. General private coaching is available for actors who want to sharpen the tools of the trade or focus
on individual interests. These sessions address a broad range of needs. For example, a beginner
wants to learn the craft but is unable to take a regular class; an experienced professional wants to work
on “cold reading” techniques, comedy chops, or monologues; an actor or the parents need advice on
finding representation, headshots, etc. Whatever the concern in these sessions, I focus on just one
actor and assist them in any way I can.
Acting Workshops
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